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Sheri Cohen Vollmer

St. Margaret Mary
PE Teacher
Omaha, NE
Sheri Cohen Vollmer  Energetic, fun, non stop action are how one might describe a class with Sheri.  BFA in Dance with a master’s in Dance Education. She has studied and danced for OMDC, Moving Company, Barbara Metler, Gregory Hines, Baylor Intensive, Cirque, and Jacques d’Amboise.  Sheri is the founder and director of ABC Dance Factory, ran a dance program at a local HS for 15 years, TA for the Artery’s Dancing Classroom, and stays in demand teaching dance at after school programs, choreographing musicals and teaching motivating leadership workshops.  She currently teaches PE, K-8, at St. Margaret Mary's School in Omaha, NE. Working on her masters in physical education from Plymouth University with an emphasis in Project Adventure She has taught in Brazil, MA, WA, IA, MN and NE.

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